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Beginning Photography Classes .. St Louis child and newborn photographer

I wanted to make it official that my classes for parents and budding photographers are officially underway!  I am SO excited to finally have these up and running!  The St louis classes are going to ROCK! For real.  Take a peek over everything and shoot me a message if you have any questions about them. They are meant to take as a series, growing on each class.  The first one, “Click!”, is meant to teach all of you how to use your camera in full manual mode. The second, “Compose!”, is for teaching you how to see photography. How you see and use the light, how you frame a photo in the camera, all about white balance and all those tricky things you hear me talking about all the time.  The third, “Create!”, is meant to help you enhance your photos with photoshop. This class is not to “fix” your photos, but rather to make them even MORE stunning!


St. Louis classes coming soon!


I can’t wait to meet so many new friends and hopefully help you to fall in love with photography like I have!!!  For those of you that have specific questions about photography, and happen to be  a clickin mom member,  feel free to message me on my Clickin Moms Pro Forum page.



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