Oh my goodness I was SO happy to be recognized by the National Association of Professional Photographers  for this newborn image! NAPCP image recognition is so fun! There are thousands of amazing photographers that submit images, so when a photo is actually recognized, it’s super fun! I love what I do so much, this totally made my year:)

I normally do not submit images to things as I am so busy. But for some reason this photo drove me to. The connection between the baby and dad just talked to me. Is that cheesy? Maybe but it did!:) The faces, everything about it. I just loved this shot.  Newborn photography has become a passion of mine. Thank you to NAPCP for the recognition:)




There is something about the color red that I totally love.  I love it even more when it’s red hair! I have always been in love with red hair. I  know when you are a kid, sometimes you curse away your red hair.  But when you get older, you embrace it. Well, I know I would!   This session consisted of the most darling little girl with red hair, I could hardly stand it. When you hear the term doll baby, you think of her. I have to tell you. When I started editing this session, the first thought that came to my head was, “you softened her skin too much and over sharpened her eyes.” All of the things I teach new photographers not to do. We don’t want fake looking children!:)But this little Lucy (she is very appropriately named), just LOOKS like this REAL LIFE! When mom got out of the car with her, I about hit the floor.   They were a JOY to work with. I will love watching little miss Lucy grow up. I could have smooched her all day.

Now back to this skin soft thing. Here are some tips on how to get soft skin. I know if you are not a photographer, you are probably wondering how in the world I do that. Well, I don’t. You CAN, and there are times where skin needs to be a touch smoother. But with children I try to stay away from doing too much of it.  Keeping kids looking real is really the way to go. If you want to get that bright skin tone that I do here with Lucy, there are a few things you can try to get this straight out of your camera.

The first thing to achieve this top photos skin is to make sure you have your white balance correct. I like to shoot in Kelvin mode as it gives me more creative control of how I want my photo to look. I shoot all of my family sessions at sunset. That time of the day, skin naturally looks pink. If you let your camera decide the color, or even use a grey card (way too much work for me), you camera will want to cool everything down to bring it back to neutral. Learn to let go and trust your eye a bit. If you want your subject and surroundings to stay super warm, start playing with Kelvin (or even cloudy) white balance modes on there. Start around 5600 and go up and down as you like. It will take some time to figure out what you like the best, but once you get it, it is worth it. I promise.

The second thing to get that nice skin tone, is to overexpose by about 1-2 stops on your camera.  I don’t always do this, (I like moodier images as well, which are also below) but if I want bright skin, I do. Make sure you turn on your “blinkies” in your camera. If you shoot with Nikon, you can turn on your “red channel” blinkies. The red channel will show you which spots on your skin are being blown out. If you see anything on the skin blinking, you overexposed too much. Easy peasy.

The third and last trick for perfect skin is to shoot wide open (the lowest your camera will go). If you shoot with a lens that will go to 1.2 or 1.4, do it! Just be mindful of your focus.  This shot was taken with my 70-200 2.8 lets, at 200 and 2.8. So the longest focal length I could go (200), and the widest (2.8) which let in the most light and caused the NATURAL softness you see. There is no need to soften in photoshop if you can nail those three things.

Make sure to follow me on Facebook to receive notices about upcoming openings for sessions as well as more random tips:) This shoot was edited with Hazy Dream photoshop actions as well as a new matte set coming soon!

Here’s miss Lucy:)




As a mom, letting go is really hard. It’s hard to let go of being in control of your family. It’s hard to let go and let your children make their own decisions and in turn make mistakes. It’s also hard to let go of caring how we appear in photos. I am the very same way. When we have photo sessions with our families, we of course try to look our best. But there comes a time, when trying to look your best throughout your entire session gets in the way. Worrying about your top. Worrying about which side of your face is prettier. Worrying about your hair. Worrying if everyone is looking at the camera and not at each other.   What most people don’t get is, MOST of my shoots I try to get my families to look at each other.  It shows connection.  However, my brain works the same way. Trust me. I worry about how things will turn out as well, but I have learned to let go.  I finally realized one day that I was in NO photos with my kids because I didn’t like the way I looked. Ok. That’s just crazy. Why do I care about what I think about myself. What I SHOULD  think about is how my kids see me. Now  Im not saying to go be all dirty and not get dressed , etc etc. We all need to feel good about ourselves.  Of course we do. Shoot, I even “take things in” on most moms without telling them just so we can feel better about ourselves, even just a tiny bit:)We can all use some flattening haha. But, my most successful photo sessions of families, are those where mom and dad let the children be the focus of the shoot and just learn to let go, if even a little bit. It’s hard. Trust me I get it.  Photo sessions are times to capture your family. How you all interact. The smiles on your kids faces.  The non-smiles on your kids faces. Just capture your kids are they ARE. Non forced.  I am at the point in my life where I KNOW I don’t look like I did when I was 25. I’m a mom.  My life is crazy insane busy. I love my kids. All I want is moments captured.  If I am in the shots with my kids, those shots are perfect. They make my heart happy. My kids can look back and say, wow, look at how you looked at me. Look at how I’m looking at you with adoration at the age of 3. Or look how crazy I was, how in the world did you handle me mom?  Learn to let go. Capture whats real.

For those that have had a shoot with me, you all know I don’t like to super pose. I gently direct you in to positions so we can have you all in the same place at the same time, and AIM to get everyone looking at the camera for at least one shot (the grandma shot). With larger families or kiddos who like to be a kid :), it’s not always that easy. For me the best sessions are those were we capture moments.

I have known this family for a long time. They are wonderful parents, wonderful people and created a darling little girl.  I love all of my clients and could write this about so many of them, I really could. Actually I SHOULD write this about a really large family, like the one  I am currently editing, but this was on my heart. While  I was editing this shoot below all this came to me. Not ONE time did mom worry about how she looked during the shoot. She is of course beautiful. But she just interacted with her daughter in ways that were natural, which then created beautiful moments.   She was not worried about a thing, even when her daughter didn’t want to “smile for the camera” to start.  Afterwards she let me know how much she loved the moments we captured. Moments. That is why I do this. To capture moments. Now, you may say, “ok, but mom looks perfect in all of them”. I promise you, anyone looking in on your family session will say the SAME thing, but moms will always find something wrong with themselves. I do the same thing. It’s actually kind of sad. Little things. Im always happy to fix them when I can, but sometimes we need to let it go:)

Learn to let go. I personally have over this past year and I am in a LOT more photos with my kids. I don’t change the way I look but do always try to of course look my best when I have the time. I embrace how my children and I love each other more than anything in this world. That, to me, its the most important thing about photography.

St. Louis family photographer Hower 7I would love to photograph your family! If you are interested in a session please email me for more information!

I am SO behind on blogging! My crazy busy schedule has left me neglecting my website! I will be doing my best to get all my shoots blogged over the next few week! This photo session I was in LOVE with! Such a darling family from St. Louis. Their children are adorable. Mom and dad are adorable. AND, mom totally listened to me while styling and the color ROCKED! Love that she took a leap of faith with mustard yellow! Such a fun family the Sebastian family is!!!!

The big question is. What do I wear? Well, I am obsessed with color. I alway love white but color really matches my style of photography at sunset. As you can see on this top photo, I had the girls lie in front of some bushes that had color in them, with the sun setting directly behind them at the top of that hill. All the colors totally blended in with their outfits. I am always on the hunt for other boutiques in St. Louis. Feel free to message me if you know of any! You can never have too many places to shop!:)


I am a newborn child and family photographer located just outside of St. Louis in Wildwood, MO. Right now I am booking a few months out and into June. If you would like to get on my list of people to call when I open my spots for the fall of 2015, feel free to message me!  :)

I knew I was going to love them the minute dad contacted me. You see, his wife Lisa is a photographer here ins St. Louis. She had asked him for a photo session of her family for a gift :).  you can tell Andrew, Lisa’s hubby, was doing this FOR her. FOR their kids and FOR their family. The way it should be.  He totally wanted to go all out at this shoot, calling and planning and making the day a priority for Lisa and the kids  They really made me smile. True family love .

Mom picked up some DARLING outfits for the kiddos from   Pumpkin Munchkin, Vindie Baby, Cozette Couture and The Measure Design . I will for sure be sending my clients their way! As you can tell, outfits really do make photo sessions better. That being said, it’s really the interaction between the kids and parents is what gets me. I have been shooting more and more family sessions, as my newborns are getting bigger, I have been around for a bit and I get to see them all grow up.  Sessions between parents and children are so special. I am not a big poser. I of course gently guide them as where to sit, what to do while sitting, I like to grab moments. My favorite response from clients is when they tell me, “wow, you really captured _ face that I only get to see at home. Thank you”.


Best. Job. Ever.



I am child and family photographer located just outside of St. Louis. I have a studio for newborns that is located in Wildwood, just behind the town center. I am obsessed with sunset and shooting in the sun!:)