St. Louis newborn maternity photographer: This beautiful new mom called me to see if I would photographer her belly in Chicago. I mean HELLO! Yes. Of COURSE I will! I used to live in Chicago prior to moving to St. Louis. I used to shoot on the beach down at Montrose Harbor and North Ave. Beach ALL the time. I miss the beach SO much! But when I lived in Chicago, I had never photographed a BELLY on the beach.

This shoot ALMOST did not happen. I made a full weeks trip out of this session and a booked a ton of beach shoots. Her shoot was scheuled for Friday and I had to head back to St. Louis on Saturday. The entire week was supposed to be beautiful. What would you know, Friday all of a sudden decided to have massive storms that afternoon. ALSO, the Taste of Chicago was going on, making that area super difficult to get to. I told Regina.  Ok girlie. Let’s wait it out and see what happens. It was storming into the sunset so we called it. THEN, all of a sudden (I was an hour away) I heard it had stopped raining downtown. I know, because I used to live there, that the sky over the lake is insane after storms. So I told her to get her preggo bootie over to the beach and I would see her in an hour. The sun was supposed to set in 60 minutes but we only needed a few shots, and night shots would be A-MA-ZING. So, I flew down there. I mean drove efficiently ;).  We got our pink sky. Our epic water shots and our Chicago night skyline. Im a little bit obsessed.  All of these shots happened AT sunset or after. I had a few people email me after seeing them on Facebook. The skies looked like this in real life:) Nothing was added.  For those who are curious:)

Yes, I am a St. Louis newborn and family photographer, but I make occasional trips up to my old stomping grounds. Love Chicago!


Dubois Family – St. Louis family photographer . This family was beyond darling to work with. I loved every minute I got to spend with them! Every time I take my clients to this location, I leave thinking I really need to take my boys here. I say that almost everyday. The problem is, I SHOOT almost everyday! I think what I will have to do is make them tough it out and take them down here for some snow pictures during my slower season. I can totally see them all bundled up in some bright colored snow pants, just being cute. Holy cow! Am I REALLLLY talking about the SNOW right now?!?! Here are some highlights from our family photography session just outside of St. Louis.


Emily Lucarz is a St. Louis family photographer. She tends to book early in advance, so if you are thinking about a photo shoot, contact in the contact tab above  for more details!

I think everyone on this planet has a soft spot for newborn twins. Actually, I think everyone probably has a soft spot for newborn twin PARENTS as well! I often as my newborn twins, I wonder when it comes time for sleep training, how are you going to swing that? HA! Imagine if you had THREE or FOUR at one time! As a photographer, that would be amazing haha!


These itty bitty twin girls were DARLING! I love photographing newborn twin babies. Lots of babies to snuggle. I always bring my assistant with me to help with posing. Luckily, she used to be a newborn photographer so we don’t even need to talk. We know the flow and just pose away.

Here are a handful of photographs from their newborn photography session, held at my studio in Wildwood, just outside of St. Louis.

This is one SERIOUSLY beautiful newborn girl. Her family is SO full of love I had to share a few shots of her newborn photography shoot. I LOVE my job so much. When a family calls me to photograph a new baby, I get so excited when they have a large family! Of course it’s a challenge. If we get ONE shot of the entire family looking at the camera, I consider us lucky. I like to “non” pose, pose. If that makes sense. I strategically place families in an area and given them direction on what to do. Its so much more fun to get some natural family moments, verses forced poses. Its real life! Real life is good:)I think I got my favorite family photo shot of the year. Go peek below to see for yourself.  So full of love.

You know what else I love?  Goodnight Mouse Baby Knits and My Darling Emma. I used their products in this newborn photography session and I LOVE them!  I of course have a ton of vendors I use and love, but these are two of my favorites. I will try to do better about tagging them here on my blog and not just on my Facebook page! I tend to post SO much more over there, I really need to try to be better for all of you whom are not on Facebook! On that note, loved this shoot. LOOOOOVED her eyelashes. I mean for real. What newborn is born with eyelashes like this. Love.




This photo shoot ALMOST didn’t happen. This darling family, was the family that won a full photo session with me, almost a year ago, when I first moved to St. Louis from Chicago. Writing on this blog post, Kirkwood family photographer is pretty fun. My family actually lives in Wildwood. I consider myself a St. Louis family photographer though, as I grew up here as a kid. A native to Chesterfield, having attended Parkway West (yes I know you were curious), it has been awesome being home. I can’t believe I have been here now for a YEAR! I would never have dreamed St. Louis would welcome me like you all have.

So this super fun shoot took place in downtown Kirkwood. I kid you not, when we pulled up, so did some MASSIVE black clouds. It was about to pour, but that was not going to stop us. We all hustled, and got the shoot done in 30 minutes. We of course had a ton of fun while we were at it.  On the way back to our cars, it started POURING. I mean pouring. It as perfect timing.

Back in Chicago, I loved doing urban shoots, so this was really fun for me. The last one I did was for Y98 (which will be blogged soon). I had a ton of fun with that one as well! It’s so much fun having a job that lets me get creative and not do the same thing over and over. I love all of you for trusting me with some creative ideas, so as to give your families some shots you can keep forever.