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Winter smiles

I am a St. Louis child photographer. That being said, coming off of a fabulous fall season and entering into a nice cold winter, is enough to make any photographer nervous. The transition back into the studio and into my clients homes has been anything but never wracking.  I have had an absolute blast photographing just natural shots! There is something that makes me smile getting to photograph young children just in a simple way. I am a big sucker for a clean black and white image with bright skin and wide eyes. Actually, the very first time I had my son Tyler, now 5, photographed, he was 6 months old. I was not yet a photographer. My now dear friend Amy Tripple captured him in a way I will treasure forever. I have a massive 30×30 storyboard print right over my desk of my favorite shots from that session. It was all about capturing his sweet little face. It was that shoot that made me love photography so much! So all of these winter in studio child photography sessions have made me smile:)

What a doll this kiddo is!!!!!

St. Louis newborn and family photographer | 2014 a year in review

Wow. What a year it has been. All because of you.

When our family moved to St. Louis from Chicago, towards the middle of 2013, had you told me what 2014 would bring, I would not have believed you.  I took 2013 and made it into a building year for me. I started slow as we were living with my mom until we could find a house. I didn’t take many clients that year as I was concentrating on getting my kids adjusted, our home purchased and moved into, and honestly, traveling up to Chicago ALL the time to finish up my client shoots up there. I was booked solid in Chicago that year. I did pass on some clients to some of my photographer friends, but there were still a few left that were in packages, or just won’t let me go haha.  2013 was the year I met Lyndsie. As you all know, her story was a large part of 2013 and 2014.  Back then I had so much time, I taught myself how to use my video camera on my camera and got to capture Lyndise as she should be.  My newborn business started to pick up the end of the year, and I started a search for a studio space.

January of 2014 brought me my studio. It’s a charming spot, located just above the Porch in Wildwood.  It’s about 5 minutes from my home, and I call it my happy place. It’s small, has short ceilings (tricky for those tall clients of mine:)), but its exactly what I need.  There is a possibility of it being expanded this coming year, so cross your fingers it comes to fruition!

Towards the middle of 2014, my schedule started to go beyond bonkers. I was filling up left and right while hardly telling anyone no. It put me behind that year. I was underwater editing shoots, but so blessed to have them.  Trying to find balance of my kids, my husband and well… maintaining my health became the forefront of my mind.  Because of all of my clients and this amazing city, my 2015 sunset sessions were totally booked up by the end of November (well though Sept:)).  Never in a million years, would I have thought that I would book the entire next year of sunset family sessions, after only living here for 1.   Who knew people booked 10 months out! I wish my family were that organized :). 2014 was my first full year here working.   It was the kickoff to my St. Louis photography business, the time that I was able to reconnect with old friends (I went to Parkway West, I know you are wondering:)), and the time I got to grow professionally as a photographer.  Becoming a celebrity photographer for Chic magazine, taking a place in the NAPCP newborn competition, being published in a few magazine and blogs, this year was professionally amazing.  On a side note, I HOPE I got everyone below! I feel like I may have missed a few. What I DID realize is I have a LOT of blogging to do. So many amazing sessions I have not yet shared!:)

2014 was ALSO the year we had our family photos taken by the amazing Kansas Pitts Photography.  We now have our walls covered in pretty skies:)

2015 I think will be even better. I have set boundaries as to when I will be working so I can see my kids and husband. I have launched newborn and family lifestyle workshops which are already almost sold out.  For the new Everything Newborn workshop, I will traveling to Tulsa to team up with the Amazing Kristen with Son Kissed Photography.

I will be traveling across the country teaching fellow photographers what I love to do so much.  2014 was the year I needed. I needed to be overbooked. I needed to stay up everynight until 1am working.   One full year of really hard work has brought me stability, and my blessings are just that. Blessings. I am so blessed to do for a living what I love. I am so blessed you all trust me to capture your families, and I am so blessed you ask me so far in advance!!!:)


I can’t wait for an amazing year in 2015.


So thank you to all of my clients this year. All 140 ish of you:) I could squeeze you until you turn pink:)


Emily Lucarz Photography specializes in newborn, child, baby, maternity, family and senior photography in Saint Louis, Missouri and surrounding areas.

St. Louis baby photographer

In-studio simple baby session


I am totally in love with simple baby sessions. I am a St. Louis baby photographer and my studio is located in Wildwood, just behind the town center. I joke, a baby photographer. Really a family photographer capturing all points in babies lives. I mean how to you really categorize all that when you love to shoot all humans, big and small!:)I offer clients 30 min sessions for children ages 2 and under, just to capture where they are in that point of their little life.  They are super simple and all about the baby. No props, no gimmicky stuff, just the baby.  I keep saying I love one session more than the next. Such problems I have with my job haha! :).  This peanut was a DOLL to work with. How could I NOT name this blog post “baby blues”. WOW. Her eyes are AMAZING! These images speak for themselves.

Even though my sunset spots are taken in 2015, I do have a few spots left for these mini sessions. Just contact me through my contact me tab for details!. They are perfect for just taking a snapshot of where your little one is in time:)



Baby photographer St. Louis


Emily Lucarz Photography specializes in newborn, child, baby, maternity, family and senior photography in St. Louis, Missouri and surrounding areas.

Saint Louis newborn lifestyle photographer

Twins are coming! Maternity Session


I really think there is something in the water;) I have gotten more newborn twin inquires this past year, than I think I have in 4 years. No kidding. Whenever I get the “twin call”, my heart jumps. I love photographing twins. Some say that twins are harder than single babies, but really, I find that they love snuggling each other so much that they actually lie next to each other better than they do apart.  What’s even more amazing, is this will be a scheduled C-section so I get to photograph the birth!  I LOVE birth photography! I can’t do much of it as I have littles at home, so it’s tricky to be “on call”, but I CAN do scheduled C-sections:)SO. EXCITED!


This darling family also booked a maternity session to capture their family surrounding each other prior to the babies coming. It was not just about  moms belly, this shoot was more to show the dynamic between them with anticipation of 2 more littles.  The kids of course were bouncing off the walls, probably my fault as they were feeding off of all of my high energy and excitement :). I have to talk to myself every so often throughout shoots and say., “ok Emily, we got the giggles, bring it down a notch to get the kids back on earth.” Ha!

During the session, their daughter of COURSE needed a few shots on her own. What girl at this age does not love the camera. The camera of course loved her.  Also, mom looks A-MA-ZING. 2 babies in there. I didn’t edit her body one single bit. She’s so beautiful. The entire family are beautiful inside and out.  You can really tell the love they have for each other, they are the opposite of vain, and can’t wait to expand their darling family. This session was all about being together.  I feel so blessed to have met them and I can’t wait to meet their next 2 darling babies!!!

Saint Louis newborn lifestyle photographer | St. Louis family phototographer_0017



Emily Lucarz Photography specializes in newborn, child, baby, maternity, family and senior photography in Saint Louis, Missouri and surrounding areas.

Interested in a lifestyle workshop? Click for more details!

Wow! Welcome 2015! I have not had time to go make my annual yearly thank you yet, as this new year came in with a big bang! There was not lapse in sessions, we just jumped right in! I have been totally blessed this past year to meet as many of you as I have. I will save all that stuff for my thank you post, but I felt the need to at least bring it up with my first baby post this year!:)


Laila was a DARLING little peanut that came in to my studio for a newborn photography session at the end of 2014. Her mom brought in her wedding sash as well as another tie which we used around Laila’s little head during our session.  I have been starting to do a little less newborn posing during my sessions as my love gravitates towards the more natural moments. I will of course always pose because who does not love a squishy cute curled baby :), but I will be incorporating more natural moments, even during my posed sessions in the studio, in 2015. Some of the shots that we get towards the end of our sessions between mom and dad are just priceless. There were a few that I was beyond in love with during this session. I always joke during our session, “GAH! We got a website image!”

I really do have the best job ever. Please email me though my contact tab or call me for a session. Newborn photo shoots are best booked as early as possible as I do tend to fill up super early.  There are in-home lifestyle options as well as in-studio posed newborn sessions!


Happy 2015!



St. Louis newborn photography



Emily Lucarz Photography specializes in newborn, child, baby, maternity, family and senior photography in Saint Louis, Missouri and surrounding areas.