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Photoshop Action Sets

enchantment photoshop actionhazy dream photoshop actionphotoshop actions emily lucarzEmily Lucarz Photoshop Actions

Emily Lucarz’s photoshop action sets have been created for the photographer who is looking to take their photos to another level. All created with each set in mind, Emily’s Dream sets and Enchantment set are both ethereal and magical.  Dream in color will help you to produce stunning, dreamy indoor photos with warm tones. It can be used outside to create soft outdoor images. Dream in black and white ranges from classic, gentle black and whites made for newborns and babies, to strong matte and dramatic finishes.  Dream in black and white also give you the opportunity to turn off the black and white layers in the set to create stunning color imagery.  Hazy dream will bring a dreamy haze to all of your photos and will produce light infusion both indoors and out. Use it to create magical dreamy hazy finishes only dreamed of. Included in the set is an action to cut your haze, made just for this set, to allow your subject to pop through the haze, unlike other haze actions sold. Enchantment is a huge set with 35 actions. It ranges from gentle skin actions to gentle hazes, incredible color tones, matte finishes and amazing blurs and softening sets.   Enchantment contains “Spellbound” which is Emily’s secret trick she has used to get the magic into all of her photos.
All actions were created for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements 9-11.  Save tremendously by purchasing bundled sets.  These sets were bundled as they do work beautifully together.