This newborn photography shoot was extra special for me.   I have known little Max’s mom since we were 3 years old. We went to Rainbow preschool together, elementary school, Jr. high, then both graduated from Parkway West.  It was not until High school that we would be come as close as we did.  Actually were were attached at the hip.   We were together pretty much 12 hours a day between class and poms.    We got in trouble together :), went through great loss together, more than once, had many fun adventures together and just loved each other. We went away to different colleges after graduation. Her, Mizzou and I, The University of Illinois.  We spread apart as that happens after graduation.  It was not until I moved back here to St. Louis after having lived in Chicago for 11 years that we would spend time together again.  The 5 hours we got to spend together (yes it was a long shoot, we had a lot to catch up on 🙂 ) with her new baby was like full circle for me.  I sat there thinking, gosh, if we would of only had a telescope back in 1997 to see what she and I would be doing 12 years later.   It’s funny how things work out.  I always knew she would be a beautiful mom. She didn’t let me down 🙂

Max is just perfect. The little guy  has a minor heart defect, but it’s something that he can have surgery for in a couple months and life a totally healthy life! Praise God. She went through years of trying to have this perfect little angel, and perfect he is.


Meet Max.


st louis newborn photography max


Max LOVED this frog pose! It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite poses. He ROCKED it. Cutest little froggy ever. Love him!  Here are a few highlights from the shoot. We had SO many shot it was hard to pick just a handful! He rocked his shoot before he decided it was time to poop every 10 minutes. Oh wait, more like every 5 minutes haha!  He is the winner of producing the most laundry for a newborn photographer. Just saying. good thing he’s so cute and I love them so much!!  HAHA! 🙂 Oh Max.

st louis newborn poses

When I have my newborn sessions, the photos that end up being my favorite are the mom pictures. I don’t know if that is because I’m jealous and want them too, or if it’s just because that new love with a mom and a baby are insanely emotional and beautiful. We always do posed and family shots. Sessions do last a long time because I don’t let my clients leave without getting all the shots we can possibly get. I never book two sessions in one day so my clients get to stay, not feel rushed and capture all we can in a full day of baby snuggling.

This is one of my all time favorite mom photos. When Max reached up to touch his mamas face. I think the whole room melted, and cried….and cried. Ok like me, but I count for the whole room, right? 🙂


mom and newborn st louis photographer

It does not always happen, but sometimes when newborn babies are awake, they look right at the camera. It has been happening to me a LOT as of late, and Max did not disappoint. Is he not the CUTEST BABY EVER!!!!  Holy cow I could smooch him all day!!!  I think I cried 10 times while editing this shoot looking back on how darling he is. I can’t take it! Love him!!!

newborn photography what to do when baby is awake

I just loved this shot with Max and his daddy. There is something extra special when you see how tiny a newborn baby is in their daddy’s hands. We had tons of these shots with dad smiling, etc.  This one was our favorite. Something so super sweet about it. By the way, dad got teary eyed seeing their slideshow. Just saying :).   All that means is he’s an extra cool dad. He’s a keeper Meg 🙂

newborn with dad st louis

I have no words. Actually yes I do. Do you know when you look back at mom photos in the 60s? Or 70s? You see moms looking gorgeous and say, “wow, Mom, you were beautiful”. In 20 years, this will be that shot. Max will be saying the same thing. “Wow. Mom, you were beautiful.”


beautiful mom and newborn photo idea



Congratulations on baby Max. He’s perfect.

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