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Part 6. Wow. We are really doing this. Part 6 was supposed to be done over the summer. My photography business got crazy and thus this never totally got completed.  But I have been thinking. Maybe God had a plan for me to wait for this post. He knew Lyndsie was going to need some more rallying, so it was meant to be this way.  Little did I know why He would need us to rally.


I talked to Lyndsie last night. I told her about my note pad. You know, the note pad that you have on your iPhone that connects to your computer? Over the past few months, I would be driving and she would pop in my brain. I would have ideas and turn on my talking thing to talk notes to myself so I would not forget what was going through my brain, which happens quite frequently.  I mean these thoughts were about thrown at me, totally out of the blue. Let me list some of them here so you can see how God was talking to me… and always in the car. God is never convenient is He 🙂

1.  When I can’t stand Ill fall on you. This phrase popped in my head. I thought, huh, maybe I’ll use that to show how Lyndsie leaned on God. Little did I know what meaning it would be taking. I think it’s actually a phrase in a song now.. who knows.

2.  Embrace your strength, you may need it again.  Wow. I can’t believe this even popped in my brain over the summer. I remember talking to Lyndsie and hearing about her crazy tattooing of that crazy fierce tiger on her arm during her treatment. She’s so tough. I remember thinking about it one day while I was driving and that popped in my head. I just assumed it would be for like a fight over who takes the garbage out or who takes her daughter to prom. Surely not to have to face cancer again.

3. I thought scars were supposed to be tattoos with better stories.  Well, I am not sure about this one. What makes a story better. My thought at the time with this was, her story WAS better. She beat cancer. But what does this mean now? How is this a better story to have to possibly go through this again. I may throw this thought out the window.

4.  Love wins. Yes it does. This always pops in my brain and this will be her next blog post theme, I am sure of it. Love is one thing that is not lacking in Lyndsie’s life.


So you can see, there are meanings behind my maddening brain. There were a ton more, but I want to get to her story.


This post was supposed to be about Lyndsie getting to ring that bell and celebrate her very last radiation treatment.  It will be still. But there is a bit more to the story now,  parts I was not thinking would creep in. Something that just won’t go away. Something so entirely nagging it needs to be squashed. That damn cancer appears to be back.

Lyndsie celebrated her last radiation treatment in late spring of 2014. Throughout the summer, she would endure many infections from her double mastectomy. Having to remove implants, recover again, then do it all over again. It was hell for her, “but not once, did Lynnie complain”, said her mom, Cyndie.  Lyndsie is abnormally strong.  Towards the end of the summer she developed what she though was a chest cold. What turned into a nagging cold would turn into a nagging cough that would just not go away. She was closely followed by her doctors. Nothing was coming up on scans. They would scan her entire body. It was all clear. Until mid December.

Just a few days before Christmas Lyndsie would hear that awful  word again. Cancer. Her husband Jared called Lyndsie’s mom, Cyndie, and asked her if she was around their kids. If she was, she was not allowed to cry. Jared said, “it’s back, and it’s not good.”

Soon after they would learn that there were multiple spots in her lungs. She was seen by a few different doctors, her personal one is out of the country right now. They all told them they are almost 100% sure it’s cancer and they have also found other spots in her body that are alarming and need to be investigated.  {That being said, what is stated here literally is all Lyndsie has been told. She does not even know where the alarming spots are located. She will keep everyone updated as soon as she knows anything. So pretty please respect her wish to not ask too many questions right now 🙂 She has developed an amazing following of friends through her journey and she promises to keep you all in the loop as she loves all of your support. } What I personally know, is this is the time to again just say prayers for her and her doctors as they figure this out again.  Her lung biopsy is set for after the 1st of the year.

Right now Lyndsie is not feeling well. With the breast cancer, it was just a massive mass. With this, she is having an awful time breathing and still coughing. She told me last night that she just feels really sick.  For her to admit that is a big deal.  That biopsy can’t come fast enough.

Cyndie of course, her mom, wants Lyndise to let it go. “Throw a brick through my window, do SOMETHING to release this!” Lyndsie is a runner and was told she is no longer allowed to run.

Right now Lyndsie needs your prayers more than ever. It hurt my heart to write this post. I had the video about all done and it was all happy happy happy, then I found out about this. I ended up tweaking it, but one thing remains. He alone is in charge.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13



One last thing. Who would of ever thought, but cancer is EXPENSIVE. Go figure huh. Right now her family is in need of help. One of her friends has set up a fund for her. I won’t go into those family details here as this post is about Lyndsie as a person and not about the financial stuff. But feel free to click here and help how you can. Also, she reads each and every comment on all of these blog posts. Feel free to leave her messages here. They meant more than words can say through her first journey, and I know she will read them all again.

Stay tuned, we may have another fight ahead.





Love you Lynds.




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