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Lifestyle family photography holds a special place in my heart. Lifestyle photography is what I have been recognized worldwide for.

Maybe it’s because I am a people person and I can really connect with others. Maybe it’s my ability to see the real and not worry about setting up the perfect shot.  Maybe it’s because it’s the type of photography I want for my family as a mom. As a wife.  For my children.

so, just what is lifestyle photography all about

When you look back at your parents albums, you know, the ones they kept of all of us when we were kids. They were those big flip albums, with that clear sticky stuff holding the photos to acetone paper.

All the photos would yellow. They would all smell funny. But did you care? Of course you didn’t. You saw Rainbow Bright and He-Man and remembered that time in your life!

Did you see a photo of you snuggling your mom as a small child, your mom looking at you as you look at your children, but no one is ever there to document it? Did you care that your face was not perfectly lit and perfectly smooth? Do you see a photo of your dad, tickling you on the bed and remember that moment, as now your dad is older, and a Grandfather? That, is how you have to think about lifestyle photography. Real.

lifestyle newborn sessions

Lifestyle newborn sessions are the perfect way to capture your new baby in your home in a relaxed way. This is a great way to get images in your new nursery, with pets, etc.  During these sessions, we will capture your family in a way that you can look back on and remember how you really were.  Siblings do great in this situation as well, allowing us to capture authentic moments.  No posing (either of the baby or family) is done in-home, just gentle and relaxed direction, which allows for natural connection and interaction to occur. All family members are included.

Lifestyle sessions can be booked as your full newborn session, or Emily offers them as add-on sessions to full studio sessions.  Also, did you know Emily taught this on Creative Live, in front of thousands globally? Check it out here!

lifestyle child sessions

Lifestyle sessions are perfect to capture your child in their element. We plan the session totally around their interests. Think about jumping on the bed, sidewalk chalk, swimming, playing tea party with a sibling, or doing whatever your child does, right at home.

Capture those moments that only you as parents get to see, in photos. Lifestyle shoots are timeless. You will look back at the photos and remember your children as they were. When you kids ask you when they are older, “Mom, what was I like as a child?”, you can show them.

lifestyle family sessions

These take place in your home and incorporate everything about your family, using your home as the background. Emily will capture your family, just as they are, doing activities you all love.  Count on Emily capturing all of those in-between moments that you always wished someone was there to capture.

These sessions are planned ahead of time to ensure an amazing experience capturing your family in the “real”.  Emily is nationally recognized for her lifestyle sessions, check out her classes that she taught to thousands globally, live on Creative Live, here!

lifestyle maternity sessions

Typically lifestyle maternity sessions are booked as full sessions, however, if you are also booking a newborn session, please ask Emily about options.

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