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Studio minis are my favorite

August 6, 2020 0
white photography studio, lifestyle photography

I have been LOVING being back in the studio since reopening due to COVID! Kenny…

Maternity session with natural AND studio lights

March 23, 2020 0

AH! Ok Im really excited about this. I have been wanting to start incorporating more…

HEY! I’m back, and a darling newborn to show

February 27, 2020 0

WELL….. I just realized I have not posted in FOREVER! We had some site issues…

Simple in-studio maternity session

April 11, 2018 2

I just totally LOVE studio maternity sessions. We have been upping our client wardrobe so…

Right here at home in St. Louis

April 9, 2018 0

I have been so busy posting highlights from our travel lifestyle workshops that I have…

Emily Shoots California

April 9, 2018 0

I mean. TAKE. ME. BACK. During our Los Angeles, CA lifestyle workshop, for our afternoon…

Lifestyle Workshop in Nashville (2017)

April 9, 2018 0

I am so behind at getting these session highlights blogged so you may see a…

Lifestyle session in the city – Workshop

April 9, 2018 0

Well, it’s about time I post some of my lifestyle workshops from LAST YEAR! Ha!…