WOW! What a total surprise I woke up to the other day to find this recognition! I have to say, I feel beyond blessed every day to do what I love as a JOB!

It has been quite the year. In September of 2017 my son was involved in a freak accident and almost lost his eye. We spent many weeks, over a month actually, sleeping in the hospital, surgery after surgery,  trying to save his eye. We are actually still trying to. It took out the last half of my year with photography and I had to send all of my clients to other photographers. It broke my heart but I had to be there for my son.

I will blog more about that soon, but for this recognition to happen it really filled a place in my heart.  Most of these photographers around the country I know, and pretty well! You see, you may not know, but I teach newborn photography all around the world. When we meet at large photography conferences we all get to see and hug each other! So to see SO many of my colleagues and dear friends on this list made me so exited!

However, this would not be possible without all of my clients. Year after year, you all book me, trusting me to capture the most important moment in your life. And for that, I thank you.

See the full list HERE