Oh Molly. You are so so lucky that  you will be protected by two adoring brothers. However, right now, your mama has her hands full.  Not only are both of your brothers under 30 months, they are BOYS. REAL. ENERGETIC. TROUBLEMAKING. BOYS. You are officially in the middle of, well, chaos.  GOOD chaos, however.  One day they will love you fiercely, protect you from everything and best yet, teach you how to throw a ball.  Use that red hair of yours to help grow that spunky personally you will be sure to have growing up.   Your mom and dad are SO happy you are here.

I love this family to pieces. We never know what we will get during our sessions with those silly boys and I think it’s safe to say we did pretty well during this session.   Make sure to check out highlights from their full shoot over on my portfolio.

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