I am so honored to be chosen for this feature.  Oh my goodness!  Evoking You is an AMAZING spot for gaining inspiration from accomplished and incredible photographers.  They run contests and the last one was “photographers choice” . This means all photographers could submit their favorite images to be chosen to be featured on their blog as their top 10.   I just ASSUMED I would not make it as there were SO SO SO many enteries.  I happend to peek to find my image up there! I am so honored to be grouped with such accomplished photographers!!!  Yay!!!  Check out thier post and go look at the other photogpahers up there.  They are amazing and you should go follow and check out thier work! By the way. I can’t wait to move out to Chesterfield so soon! Our family is starting to pack up for our move to St. Louis, but we have a LONG way to go!


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