Have to love twins! Getting to be a St. Louis newborn twin photographer is the BEST JOB EVER.  There is nothing more glorious that getting to snuggle twin newborns. Newborn photography is an art in itself. When you have two babies, it’s twice the art. Every time I get a call for a newborn twin photo shoot I literally jump for joy. They have become my absolute favorite thing to photograph.  Twins actually tend to sleep and snuggle better ON each other than apart. They have decided in the womb that this is apparently the way to go.

When I get the call to photograph twins, I instantly turn to my favorite vendors, such as My Darling Emma, #2 Willow LaneShe’s Dainty He’s DapperDevoted Knits and more, to make me some new sets. You see, I have a small obsession with newborn apparel 🙂  I’m so lucky to be at a place in my career that I know what I love, I call my girls and we get it done.  So clients, no need to bring a thing…unless you want too of course 🙂

This shoot was even EXTRA special because these two girls had two older brothers! EEEP! Many photographers would probably get nervous, but NO WAY! Obsessed. I LOVE sibling photos. And they did not disappoint. I sit here about to cry how blessed I am to do what I love SO much for a living.   Geez Emily….here you go again….



Love them…


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St. Louis moms! I do book early. As soon as you know you are ready to think about newborn photos, give me a call! We meet in my studio in Wildwood, MO, make our plan then get excited together! It’s such and experience you will never forget.  This only happens once…well…unless you have multiple sets of twins 🙂 ha!


Emily Lucarz is a St. Louis newborn twin photographer – baby photographer – child and family photographer serving the St Louis area. Her studio is located in Wildwood just behind the town center, up top above “the porch”!