WELL….. I just realized I have not posted in FOREVER! We had some site issues which halted my ability to post, then my son was in an eye accident and we spent about 4 months in the hospital. I will blog about that soon, but we shut down the studio so we could be at Children’s with him.

THEN, we moved studios! We are still in the same area in Chesterfield, we just moved upstairs! I wanted to have more space and it’s SO amazing! We have now been up there for a year. We have two shooting rooms, a walk in closet full of clothes for mamas, a waiting area with a TV and snacks, then a large office for Kenny and I! I will photograph it soon to show you all. The large room is SO fun. We pulled the ceiling out and made it into a more urban/rustic area. Cement floors and all. We also have studio lighting in there to start doing some portrait work, which will be coming soon! The other room is similar to my old studio. ALL white and meant for newborns, babies and anyone wanting that clean white look.

Since I have been so MIA on my website I have a TON of sessions to blog. Hang tight, Ill crank em out over the next few weeks. I have still been shooting full time, I have just neglected my website a bit HA! Cracking the whip and getting back to it.

I figured why not celebrate my ability to sit down and blog by showing of this darling newbie that was in our studio a few weeks ago! She’s a doll!  Also VERY awake haha! Which happens! Even the sleepiest of newborns like to party on picture day. Ya know what? I LOVE it. We get to see their personality and I make sure to get ALL the faces.