Large families may be my favorite type of sessions to photograph. There is nothing, in my option, that beats capturing connection and emotion between family members.  When photographing them, it’s always in the back of my mind that we need to make sure to capture the personality of each child as they are so different.  Meet the Christopher family.  As you can tell from this family sunset session, they are each their own individual.  I adored them to pieces. Scroll through them then find a link at the end where you can see highlights of their entire shoot.


Meet Darby:~ 23 The oldest and the leader of this crew. She started reading chapter books in Kindergarten and hasn’t stopped. She doesn’t fit the bookworm mold, though. She is spunky and free-spirited and follows her heart wherever it leads her. Working towards her social work degree with hopes of helping and also exploring the world.

Meet Zoe:  ~ 21 This girl is a mother hen. She is kind and calm and steadfast. She was a great HS athlete and she is an AMAZING big sister. She visits Haiti every year and it stole her heart. She is going to nursing school and plans to have a big family of her own. Some biological, some adopted. She is also engaged and getting married next May.

Meet Ethan: ~ 18 He is the light and the humor in this family. He is funny and kind and crazy. He is a total mommas boy. He is moving to Texas in August to attend University of Texas , Dallas to study film/media. He is a incredibly creative and made his first documentary in high school! Mom said their house is going to be sadly quiet when he leaves.

Meet Sidney: ~ 15 She has been sweet from the start. She is an observer with a quiet persistence to go after what she wants. She is smart and hard working. She plans to play college soccer and go to medical school. She is sweet, kind and a caretaker.

Meet Avery:  ~ 13 This one. She is the wild one…. she is funny, crazy, and loves life! She is sensitive and takes amazing care of her siblings. She is the best athlete in the family and amazes us with her talents. She is almost always the best player on the field or court, but is the loudest cheerleader of her teammates. She has a love and spunk for life!

Meet Wyatt:  ~ 12 The outdoorsman. He loves to camp and fish and build things and get dirty. He wakes up early every.single.morning. He is helpful and always ready to work. School is not his jam, but a few more years and he will be able to jump into the building and trades classes and be a happy guy. He is Chris’s shadow…he loves his dad.

Meet Josie: ~ 9 She is one of the easier Christopher kids 🙂 She is responsible, SMART, motivated. She is on the quieter side, a lot like Sidney. She is a fierce competitor. she might be little, but she is mighty! She is THE BEST big sister to Crosbie. Patient, sweet and always her best pal.

Meet Crosbie: ~ 6 The baby…. she is sooo sweet. She loves to swim, read, draw, and craft. She doesn’t have a competitive bone in her body. She loves animals and she loves her family


This family is incredible. Mom and dad are incredible, the kids are incredible, everything is incredible.  To see way more of their session, which trust me, you WANT to, head HERE. Also, if you are local, we are full for 2017, but feel free to sign up for the newsletter as we open up sunset spots first for the year to anyone on our list. It gives all past and current clients a chance to grab a spot before we open to the public 🙂  It can be found on the sidebar!   Make sure to click “non-photographer” 🙂