I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am about the new Iris Works program that was developed BY a photographer  (Meredith Gradle) FOR photographers (eh hem, ME).

Before this program I spent hours. I mean HOURS on the back and forth about information, contracts, invoices, reminders, thank yous, etc. I have been using Iris for a few months now. It. Is. Amazing. When you log on to your Iris account, you will see all of your to dos for the day. You see recent client activity (aka, what you set up for each client to happen, and you didnt touch a thing, Iris did it all for you). You see your calendar. You see the WEATHER. I kid you not. What you also see is how you are doing in terms of your goals. This program is amazing. It will send invoices for you. Note: it is NOT an accounting program, but it will invoice and keep track of payments for those invoices you choose to send. You know what ELSE is amazing?!!  For each client, there is a to-do section. Such as “cull images”, “send link”, “call my client to wish her a happy bday.” I mean  HELLO. Virtual assistant. SO. Amazing.  For the FIRST time in my life, I may actually have my deadlines and tasks under control. Crazy. It even has a location map! You can store all of your locations you love in here. I am not even kidding. Also, if other photographers add their spots, you can see those too! Want to keep your locations private? No problem. You can set it that way too 🙂

In phase 2, there will be even more things added. The ability for clients to view galleries. Purchase products. The list goes on and on.

Iris Works

I could write about this forever, but instead how about I show you some goodies 🙂




Click HERE to learn more. The launch of this amazing program is on March 30th!!!!!  Mark your calendars and make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter !