Loving newborn photography. Yep. I love it. I love my job so much. I was so lucky to get to photograph this beautiful angel.  There are no words.  It’s funny. When you become a newborn photographer you never imagine that you could love a job SO much. But I do! I started off in a totally different career, moving to photography when my son was born.   Now a days, anyone with a good camera will be “a photographer” for a short period of time. Some take off and have small business, eventually charging a small fee for their service. Others will study their craft and become and expert in their field.  Now that I have been around for a bit, I have seen it all.  Photographers come and go. It just is what it is. The ones that last are the ones that are doing it because they love it. That does not make them the best, it does not make them qualified (posed newborn photography is something that requires lots of training and experience to do safely), but it makes them stick to doing something they love.   I truly love what I do. I have spent years studying my craft, learning from others as well as teaching photographers across the country.  I do this because I love it. Getting to start at the newborn age is even better because I get to see them grow up!!! 🙂  Best. Job. Ever.


St. Louis newborn photographer

St. Louis Newborn PhotographerSt. Louis Newborn Photographer




Emily is a newborn photographer located outside St. Louis, MO.  Her studio is in Wildwood, MO. She is a newborn, baby, child and family photographer serving the St. Louis area.