About a month ago,  I decided to enter into the Matilda Jane Photo contest.  I thought it was a long shot, as there were over 1000 entries all competing to be picked for the top 50 (ended up at 54) photos.   Matilda Jane is an incredible “small” business organization, that donates their time and clothing to children all over the world.  Not only are they are fabulous big heart organization, which I TOTALLY love, they are their own subculture in the mom community.  Each piece of clothing is meticulously  handcrafted to stand out in a crowd.   Moms “stalk” their Facebook page as well as their site, waiting for each new piece to be launched.  They then get together with a Trunk Keeper , praying they will have gotten their hands on some of their favorite pieces for their daughter.  Their is a feeling of being part of a “family” when you become involved with Matilda Jane and their community.

I was honored this photo was chosen as one of the top 50 to represent Matilda Jane.  

Each photographer was given a dress and a word to try to capture behind the lens.  They wanted us to tell a story with a shot.

Funny enough, the word they gave me was:



When I started to think about what kind of shot I wanted to take, I had a million ideas of jumping on a bed, running, etc etc.  However, those were all too generic for my taste, so in true Emily fashion, I decided to do something a bit more fun.  I decided lets do something with “energy” as well as having her be energetic.  MJ had sent me a headband with stars. Ah ha!!!  Every little girl would LOVE to jump up and light a star, right? Lets make it happen!




It goes without saying, it would mean the world to me to be chosen for the top 10. But if I am not, we sure did have fun creating this image and I was so happy to just make it to the top 50 🙂