WOW! I am so thrilled that Photography Magazine chose an image they saw to place on their website! When surprises like that happen with an image I adore, it makes me smile from ear to ear 🙂  I absolutely ADORE photographing twins. Of ALL ages! I am so blessed I get to do it pretty frequently. Newborn twin photography can be pretty tricky. I tell moms that honestly, babies LOVE snuggling each other more so than being alone. So the together shots tend to be easier! Now when we start posing and stacking, THAT is another story! St Louis Twin Newborn Photographer.



St Louis Twin Newborn PhotographerThere are a few tricks for newborn twin shoots. One being, have an assistant!  You will need two sets of hands to safely post newborns. I am normally not a prop person. But with twins, they are great to use as you can place the babies inside to snuggle. They just love to do this and it’s really not that difficult of a shot to get! Just make sure your prop is lined and super soft! The biggest trick with twins is PATIENCE! Also, put the bigger baby ALWAYS on the bottom. Trust me. It will save your session. I will write more on newborn twin photography in my full twin post! 🙂


To book your newborn session, make sure to call early in your second trimester, to guarantee a spot! 🙂