I got a phone call from Audrey’s mom when she was pregnant wanting newborn photos. When I called to speak with her about planning our session, I knew we would get along right away. If you know me, you know I LOVE clean white all about baby photos. Simple. I of course do color photos, as you know, but white is my all time favorite. Keeping the newborn or baby the main focus of my sessions is the most important thing to me. When you get TOO much color it can be distracting. There is always a time for color pop.  Trust me, I love it too. Notice my website? White will color pop :). For newborns, white is my favorite though. Totally timeless and simple.  Also, something I noticed is so many photographers only share ONE photo from a session on their blog! I can’t stand keeping all their sweetness to myself, it’s so much more fun to show you more highlights from a gallery. Plus, this way when you hire your newborn photographer, you will know what you can expect from a gallery versus just seeing one or a handful of photos. Sometimes newborns can be a bit cheeky and not want to sleep, so for me, I love to show a good variety of everything we got that day. Instead of spending a few hours on just a few poses, make sure you are booking with someone you know can capture plenty of shots, even in those non-sleeping moments. All babies are sleepy until they hear mom talk about picture day haha. Call it Murphys Law. I just like anyone thinking about booking me, no matter what the state of the baby, we WILL get photos. 🙂 I do say quality over quantity, but just make sure you are getting more than 5 good shots 🙂

Audrey was NO different. She came in ready to party. I love the awake shots just as much as the sleeping shots.

If you are local to St. Louis and are thinking about a newborn photography session, make sure to contact me or give me a call just as you end your first trimester. I book months out so it’s never to early to hold your spot :). I love both lifestyle as well as posed session. See my newborn information page for more details to help y0u decide whats best for you! Hop over to my client lounge for general pricing, or email me to find out more 🙂

For photographers!!!!  GUESS WHAT! This ENTIRE shoot was edited with my new set for photoshop and MAYBE Lightroom, called Beautiful Light. Keep an eye on my Facebook page and sign up for my action newsletter to be the first to learn when it’s launched! It will be soon.

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