Singing in the rain – St Louis maternity photography. Where is the rain! April rained literally way more than I can ever remember. Granted, I have not lived in St. Louis but one April since I was a kid, but for real. Rain. Rain. Rain. Hot. Cold. Snow. Rain. Hot. Cold. What a crazy spring! The weather in St. Louis sure is as crazy as I can remember. So we decided we needed an April shower maternity photo shoot to bring her May baby into this word. We bumped our shoot a few times to make sure it WAS raining. For real? I have NEVER AIMED for rain. It was fun! That day of our shoot we had 100% of rain all day. It rained and rained. Then it came upon the time of her shoot. Guess what. It STOPPED RAINING! I kid you not. So we hopped in the car and drove out WAY West, like 30 minutes from my studio. We did get one sprinkle. However, this turned into one of my favorite maternity photo sessions ever. The couple I was so lucky to photograph are DARLING! We had a blast. They were game and followed me far away on a tip I could find some beautiful yellow flowers. We already had her in yellow boots with her yellow umbrella, so we all went with it. I have been wanting to do a photo session with an umbrella so this was totally perfect. Plus, who does not love yellow! She was 9 months pregnant! We could not wait any longer. Good thing. She had her baby just a few days ago,  in April  🙂  I can’t wait to meet their new blessing.   Ladies, wait until you see how DARLING dad is with mom. You can tell he really loves her!!!!!  Here it rained, as we moved on, the sun came out in full force! Singing in the rain - St Louis maternity photography rain maternity photography st louis MO dramatic maternity shot St. Louis photograpermaternity photography flowers wildwood MO umbrella photo maternity st louis photographer   Sometimes you need hide from me 🙂   st louis family photography   Totally love he’s helping take care of her hair as the storm was rolling out and the winds were in full force!   Wildwood MO maternity photographer singing in the rain maternity st louis   Emily Lucarz is a newborn photographer in St. Louis. She photographs children – families as well as puppies. HAHA. Kidding. Kinda 😉  Her studio is located in Wildwood Missouri. She has a new obsession with yellow.