the studio of emily lucarz

welcome to our happy place

Here is a peek into my amazing 1700 sq foot, all white, natural light studio. We are located in Chesterfield, down in the valley.

My studio is where all of the beautiful fun happens. I shoot everything from clean and classic to colorful and crazy, right here in this all white incredible space.

Kenny and I stand about 20 feet from each other while we work.  It’s a blessing to be able to have a business I love to much and to be able to share it with the person I love so much.

shooting area

Scroll though the photos to see all of the areas where I shoot, however, know that it’s simple. I am not a prop person. I am a connection person.  When you visit my studio, plan on interacting with your loved one.  If you are bringing your baby or child, and having a simple session, plan on them being captured how they are. How they act. I do not force moments, rather capture you and your family as you are.

My goal for these sessions is to capture moments you can look back on and remember how you were at that point in time.  Snuggles. Smiles. Hugs. Laughter and tears. Captured beautifully.

wardrobe & prop closet

I have you covered. I promise. Everything you can possible need for your newborn, baby or maternity session, it’s in here (and this photo only shows half of my closet).  Years of vendors.  Years of declaring my style with classic hats, wraps, headbands, blankets, etc.

I do not shoot with many props. I am not a photographer to turn your child into a turtle, a flower, etc. However, if you are looking for classic imagery, timeless photos, you are in good hands. Having a wardrobe filled with timeless items will guaranteed your photos will stand the test of time.

client lounge

Neep a nap? You have a spot! This client lounge is in the back of the studio and is meant for all of you sleepy mamas.  A super comfy rocking recliner for nursing (or sleeping) as well as the fun blue couch for dads to stretch out on or to log onto the internet to get some e-mails done, while I photograph your baby. Have little kiddos? We have you covered there as well! Behind this photo, next to our private bathroom with a changing table, is a few boxes of toys. Also, we have the mounted television with netflix. What is a client lounge without Netfilx!  Mickey Mouse for the win.

This area is meant for families to relax, have a place to retreat to, etc., during our sessions.  It’s not uncommon to find dads snoring on the couch and kids sprawled out on the plush carpet, as their little new sibling is having their photo taken.

coffee bar

New parents = sleepy.  Within the client lounge, Ken and Emily built an area that is full of coffee, tea, water, soft drinks, juice for kids, snacks etc.  This area is readily available for all clients during their session. Emily may even have a secret stash of “rewards” for the little kiddos who may need some help during sessions.

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