There are certain times when you meet a new client, and you just KNOW you will have a long relationship. There was something special about this mama and her family from the very minute she e-mailed me. I felt a sense of trust with her, her view of photography and what she loved as well as just her as a person. I just knew. Then I met her and it totally confirmed what I knew in my heart. This girl, and family, totally rock.  Call me crazy, I already feel connected to them after hanging out just two times.  They are very special people, I just feel it in my heart.  After seeing her and her husband interact with each other and their two beautiful boys, they really have it together. Big heart around their darling family. Good and real people.

Mom asked me to photograph her birth. Before I took another breath, I said, “YES”! Of COURSE I will!  Get this. She’s having TWINS! I am SO excited, all of you reading this have no idea 🙂  I love this job more than I can put into words. You need to “hear me” to know how I feel. This is not a job to me. This is like a big giant dream vacation I get to relive over and over. Photography to me truly is a passion that I could do all day everyday and never dread ONE single moment.  This past shoot made me THAT more excited to be in St. Louis and have so many new clients “friends” to meet and watch their families grow.

All this being said, here are 2 sneak peeks from her maternity shoot. She is 30 weeks preggo WITH TWO babies!  Don’t hate her mom’s, she’s got a heart of gold.


More to come “soon”  including all her maternity photos, her birth, and her newborn shoot.



Wildwood newborn photographer, maternityWildwood newborn photographer, maternity