Twins, St. Louis newborn, baby photographer.


Oh my heavens I LOVE twins! I photographed these little beauties when they were born, and had their 6 month shoot just before I moved to St. Louis!  Everyone asks, “how in the world to do you pose twins?” VERY carefully haha! At least for the newborn portion. Patience is HUGE when it comes to photographing newborn twins.  You need to pose one, have the other one ready to go and have a plan. I always tell parents,  quality over quantity with newborns! We take time to do the shoots right, instead of having a LOT of photos. Twins even more so. To get those perfect posed shots, you really have to let go of the number, and go for the quality! That is what we did and these girls rocked it.

I could NOT believe how BIG they had gotten in 1/2 a year! And WOW they  are BEAUTIFUL! Dad better watch out for these two!

On a side note, twin newborns are so much fun to watch grow up. I am so lucky I have booked so many newborn twins set to arrive this summer!  I am not sure what’s in the water, but I am sure glad of whatever it is! (So long as I don’t drink it haha). 🙂


Here are some highlights from our 6m shoot and a remembrance of how SMALL they were! ! 🙂


St. Louis newborn photography

Oh how FAST they grow!


Aaaaand…..that’s a wrap! 🙂


Emily Lucarz is a St. Louis newborn, baby photographer. She specializes in newborn, baby and child photography in the St. Louis area. Emily, her husband, and two little boys, reside in Chesterfield. She photographs all over the St. Louis area.  Emily teaches photography workshops locally and across the country.  She is the creator of the Dream and Enchantment action sets for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.