Wall gallery ideas for a newborn shoot is SO fun to make. Really, they are fun for all types of photo shoots. I have to take a mite to let out a big giant sigh. I love my job so so so much.  Typically my clients pick at least one large piece for their home. Of course, my twins client had no choice but to choose the image with all four of their children. New St. Louis twin newborn baby girls and their older brothers. I just adore sibling and twin shots.

When I book my clients photo shoot, we have an in person consultation prior to our meeting. I like to sit down with you and decide out plan for your shoot. That means taking photos of your walls, deciding what we need to put where, BEFORE your shoot. This way, we make sure we shoot what you want!   After this families shoot, we used their walls to plan.  This was one idea I had come up with prior to their home photo. This is a different room, but the same concept.  Shown over this couch is a 30×40 canvas.  Of course, after seeing her images, she decided her hubby had to paint the house to now match the entire shoot haha! 🙂  Love them!!!

Typically I like to encourage one statement piece from your photo shoot.  Then you can build around that piece and either make your dream photo wall, or decorate different smaller walls with your children.  Albums are also a nice thing to have as you get all of your images in one beautiful place.


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