Whats in my bag. Well. We have all seen them. In US magazine, People, etc etc. Everyone always has cool stuff in their purses or bags! I always wonder if they REALLY carry that stuff in there.   I mean really. Who carries all that stuff with them ALL the time. Like mini sparkly compacts (do people even use pretty compacts anymore?) fun bottles of perfume, and perfect packs of nail files haha.  So when Chic Magazine asked to feature me and what’s in my CAMERA bag, I panicked. Holy cow.  I mean… I know I’m fun ;), haha, but does my BAG portray fun? When I do a photo shoot, I don’t mess around. I don’t carry much with me. I do my thing. Im in the ZONE :).   So I agreed, of course. I mean how FUN to have that little section in a magazine, ya know?  So off I went to dump out my bag. I found function. AND FUN! WOO HOO! Thank goodness my mother in law bought me that super cool wallet and I did have a pink sparkly hair tie haha 🙂  Anyways, here is a screen shot of the two pages from the magazine 🙂  At least I have a fun orange Kelly Moore camera bag! I have to say, it did make me want to go shop for more camera straps. 🙂


Sorry about the small pics! To see in full, make sure to grab their magazine! You can get a digital or print copy. SO awesome. Love.

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Emily Lucarz Photography is a St. Louis family photographer. She also teaches photographers globally through the Chic Critique Forum.