Bill Jacob VW reached out to me to contribute to thier blog post on Winter photo shots! I was honored and thought it was a good idea to help people with ideas on inside as we tend to be indoors during these cold winter months! You can see the whole article here!

From Bill Jacobs…

“Winter can be a time of wonder and beauty. The snow covers the ground, ice hangs from the trees, and our families are bundled up and exploring the outdoors. Capturing these moments can create memories that last a lifetime.

While most of us aren’t professional photographers, there are still steps we can take to make beautiful pictures that will let us always remember these fleeting moments. We reached out to some of the best photographers in Naperville and the surrounding areas and asked for their advice on taking the perfect winter photos. Learn what these photo masters have to say and turn your photos into cherished keepsakes!”



“For photographing your children inside, try to capture moments that just happen and are not forced.  Try to hug an window to utilize the most light you can.  Don’t worry about taking photos straight on, just try to capture your child how you see them. Those are the real life memories you will cherish forever.”