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join emily on an adventure to explore everything you want to know about lifestyle photography

Whether you want to learn about newborn lifestyle photography or family lifestyle photography, there are some important aspects of photography that are essential in order to learn to set you apart in your market.

Lifestyle photography is something that families will look back on generationally and remember. Newborn lifestyle workshops will include a newborn baby (up to 4 weeks) plus any siblings plus parents. Family workshops will be parents plus any children over newborn age.

2017 Workshop Locations
St. Louis • Washington DC • Nashville • Chicago • LA • Canada


$200   non- refundable required to hold your spot with remainder due 1 month prior to the workshop. Workshop is limited to 8 photographers

what we will be doing

Photographing a real family in their own home. Learn all you need to know in order to prep your parents for an amazing lifestyle session. See what I do when I first get to a house. Learn to plan and see my workflow. Learn to let go off some of the rules and embrace a photojournalist type of vision for a session while still planning and gently directing your client.

This class is meant for those who shoot in manual mode confidently. We will be going over advanced stuff, please know your camera before you come so we can jump in and learn strategies for dealing with low light, small moving children, dads who don’t like to take photos, etc.   There are 2 different classes. Newborn or family. With the newborn workshops, we have a family (always a sibling) as well as a baby under 4 weeks old.  For the family only workshops, we have siblings, parents, just no baby.  If you are a photographer and would like me to come to your city, please specify which workshop you would like.

I will go over all of my camera settings, how to let go of using equipment to use natural light only and learn to shoot for the family.  On day 1, after we go over all you need to know about prepping, planning, etc, we shoot 1 full family session in a home. We all get to shoot each set up and you are allowed to use all of the images in your portfolio. At the end of day 1 we learn how to cull and edit.  Day 2 we shoot in a home in the morning with low light, to help battle those standard issues we all run into. I will teach you how to tackle all of those obstacles that are standard in lifestyle session.

Lastly I will touch on business stuff. How to manage a successful business and still be a mom. Super important. All pricing modules are not for everyone. I let all those out there go and created my own. I will show and teach you what has worked for me, and I have tried it all.

what you will learn

Leave the props at home and capture a family as they are, doing what they do. Learn how to use light creatively, create emotion in kids and capture details they will look back on and cherish for generations. Learn how to shoot siblings and parents and how to grab all of those random shots typically only seen by parents.

There are times when gentle posing is needed. We will go over how to do all of this and keep it looking natural. After our full day of shooting and learning, we will edit. Learn exactly step by step what I do for each type of situation. Dramatic back and whites? Lets do it. Learn my editing workflow. You will also receive all of my lifestyle Photoshop actions and presets. I get a ton of requests to learn how to shoot into the light to achieve that hazy backlit images. We will be going over that a ton until you all master it. I will look in everyone’s cameras and help you every step of the way.

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what you will need to bring

  1. A DSLR Camera and the ability to shoot in manual mode. This is not a how to use your camera class but we will work on advanced techniques.
  2. A good prime lens. I use the 50 1.4 Sigma Art lens as well as the Nikon 35mm 1.4. If you have a fish eye or an ultra wide lens, bring it! You can get crazy creative with those lenses. I love my fisheye.
  3. A basic understanding of Photoshop
  4. The ability to relax and have fun. Im super fun (well I tend to think haha) and don’t like to rule follow TOO much in the photography world. You will need to learn to let go a bit to get to a different level
  5. Feel free to bring your laptop to edit along on. You don’t need it, but you are welcome to bring one if you like

what’s included

  • Lunch
  • A prep guide for parents
  • A booklet with lots of fun info and room to take notes
  • Emily’s Lifestyle Photoshop Actions /LR Presets
  • Snacks & Drinks
  • Everything Emily knows you will learn; everything!
  • All images you take you can use for your portfolio

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