The St. Louis Y98 baby contest is underway!  Enter your kiddo to be the next Y98baby!!! This your kid is the cutest? Of COURSE you do! 🙂  All our kids are the cutest kid right? 🙂  Well, y98 St. Louis is having a cutest baby contest for the St. Louis area and you should all enter!!!  Think about how COOL it would be to have have your babies photo up on a billboard on the highway for everyone to see! Plus the face book bragging rights alone haha 🙂  I am beyond totally thrilled I get to collaborate on such a cool fun contest. Only problem? Now Zachary can’t win! Ugh. Clearly he would have 😉

Now I am not part of the voting process.  The station will pick the top 10 to start. After the top 10 are chosen, the public will then vote on who wins.  It’s that winner who will win the photo shoot. It’s going to be so super fun! What a fun way to meet St. Louis!  Get it? “Meet” St Louis? Meet me in St. Louie….Louie….. ok ok 🙂


So go enter that cute baby into the Y98 baby contest! Must be 2 and under!

Hope one of my readers will win baby98!!!


Love Y98 St. Louis!


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Y98 baby contest, Emily Lucarz Photography

Y98 baby contest