Y98 St. Louis Cutest Baby Contest Winner!

Baby Y98!

WOW! What and EXCITING few months! With over 10,000 entries and 150,000 votes, Mr. Kale came out on top! Not only is 17month old Kale stinking ADORABLE, he’s hilarious to boot! We had SUCH a fun time with him during our shoot. He was such a trooper. The idea of getting a 17m old to sit long enough on a piece of paper looking at the camera is NOT an easy task. We had everyone in there helping Kale to laugh, make funny faces, and just have fun.  Jen and Kevin from the morning show surpassed all of us on our tricks. Acting like monkeys, throwing balls on my head to get him to laugh, pulling out games on the iphone to keep him sitting (at least for a brief second) and bribing him with food. I think we all were ready for a nap after almost 2 hours of full blown Zumba!  As was Kale 🙂  But, it was so beautiful out we decided to venture outside and take a few shots as well. Kale was SO tired but SO amazing. He lasted a few minutes more so we could have a bit of variety in our shots. Then the shoot ended with the most BEAUTIFUL great dane! Gosh he was beautiful.  Kale decided he needed to share his snacks and I am so glad he did. Cutest shot EVER! Love.   Ok enough blabbing….


Meet our Y98 St. Louis 2013 Cutest Baby!

Here is how our day went. Not only is Kale cute but man he has a personality!

For real we were playing baseball and “bonk”! Kept him sitting! Excited I grabbed that shot with the ball when it his his head! 🙂


Y98 St. Louis baby contest winner Emily Lucarz Photography